The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation

About us

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) is a vital organization dedicated to supporting the Pennsylvania National Guard and its service members. As a nonprofit entity, the foundation focuses on raising funds and providing critical resources to enhance the well-being, readiness, and quality of life for Guard members and their families. Through its unwavering commitment, the foundation offers financial assistance for educational pursuits, scholarships, emergency aid, and support for family programs. By investing in the future of the Pennsylvania National Guard, the foundation ensures that service members have the necessary tools, opportunities, and support to excel in their military careers and beyond. Through its philanthropic efforts, the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation makes a significant difference in the lives of those who sacrifice to protect our freedoms.

Programs and Initiatives

Through the following programs and initiatives, PNGAS and the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation demonstrate their commitment to supporting and empowering Pennsylvania National Guard members and their families. By providing financial assistance, educational support, recognition, and opportunities for professional growth, these initiatives contribute to the overall well-being and success of the Guard community.

Guardsman to Guardsman (G2G)

The Pennsylvania National Guard Association (PNGAS) and the State Family Program Office, in partnership with the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, have established the "Guardsman to Guardsman" or "G2G" program. G2G offers grants of up to $500 for Pennsylvania National Guard members and their families facing qualifying needs. Applying for the program is simple—just reach out to your Family Assistance Center or Airmen/Family Program Managers to begin the process. G2G aims to provide crucial financial assistance to support Guard members and their families during challenging times.

Gifts 4 Guard Kids

The PNGAS Gifts4GuardKids program is dedicated to collecting and distributing gifts and gift cards to the children of Guard members. We invite groups, families, clubs, non-profit organizations, and companies to serve as collection sites to gather gifts and gift cards. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, ensuring that 100% of the contributions go toward purchasing gifts, gift cards, and delivery expenses. Privacy and security are paramount, and the program strictly adheres to privacy laws to safeguard the identities of parents and children.

Monuments and Memorials

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) offers a 501(c)(3) platform for units to raise funds for the construction of monuments and memorials. PNGF's accounting team will oversee the purchases related to the memorial, ensuring proper financial management. This initiative allows units to honor and commemorate the bravery, sacrifice, and service of Guard members through permanent memorials.

Professional Development

PNGF's Professional Development initiatives encompass the Speakers Bureau and related products. The Speakers Bureau provides professional development classes for Guard units, fulfilling their training requirements throughout the year. By offering ready-made topics and slides, PNGF saves leadership time that would otherwise be spent on researching and developing content. Additionally, PNGF provides awards for the prestigious Soldier of the Year competition, recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of Guard members.

Below, you'll find a curated collection of educational presentations designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of our Guard members. From programming and budgeting to advanced simulator training, each resource is tailored to support your career growth and operational excellence. Whether you're looking to sharpen your financial acumen, foster mentorship relationships, or master high-tech training tools, our comprehensive suite of presentations will guide you every step of the way. Dive into our offerings below to start your professional development journey today.

View the PNGF Professional Education Program brief.

  1. State National Guard Programming and Budgeting Part 1 of 2 Dive into the essentials of programming and budgeting within the State National Guard in this first segment of our two-part series. This comprehensive presentation will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to understand the financial planning and resource allocation processes crucial for Guard operations. Explore Part 1
  2. State National Guard Programming and Budgeting Part 2 of 2 Continue your journey into the intricacies of the National Guard's programming and budgeting with Part 2 of our series. This session builds on the concepts introduced in Part 1, offering deeper insights into strategic financial management and effective resource utilization. Explore Part 2
  3. Mentorship and Officer Development PEP Talk Enhance your leadership skills and professional growth through our Mentorship and Officer Development PEP Talk. This engaging presentation is designed to inspire and guide current and aspiring officers in fostering effective mentorship relationships and developing their career paths within the Guard. Watch the PEP Talk
  4. Simulations: Simulator Training: Simulators, Distributed Mission Operations, and Mission Command Step into the world of advanced military training with our detailed guide on Simulators, Distributed Mission Operations, and Mission Command. This link provides a deep dive into the state-of-the-art simulation technologies that prepare officers for complex missions and enhance operational readiness. Learn More about Simulations
  5. PNGF Professional Education Program Brief Explore the comprehensive offerings of the PNGF Professional Education Program, designed to enrich the professional and personal development of Soldiers, Airmen, and Leaders within the Pennsylvania National Guard. This program features a diverse lineup of speakers, carefully selected to contribute to your knowledge base and operational readiness. From specialized PEP Talks that add depth to existing doctrines to practical Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for leadership and execution, this brief showcases the robust educational opportunities tailored to support your growth in line with Command Guidance. Engage with our community’s wealth of experience and prepare for future challenges with informed wisdom and foresight. View the Program Brief