Business Action Council

The BAC is focused on delivering strong results and ready-access for members and veterans of the Guard and their families.

All are welcome to participate on PNGAS BAC Monthly Calls, which occur on the 2nd Monday of every month. Contact for call information.


A Guard Friendly Job provides good pay & benefits, flexibility, opportunities for advancement and is one of the best recruitment and retention tools for the Pennsylvania National Guard. All veterans and citizens can use the PNGAS Jobs Board.

The PNGAS JOBS Board is here:

Thank you to Wells Fargo as our first sponsor of the PNGAS JOBS Board. Special Thanks to PNGAS Volunteer Larry Wasser for leading the implementation and operations of the PNGAS Jobs Board. Well Done!

While our sole focus is helping members, veterans and their families secure Guard-Friendly JOBS, all citizens are invited to use this site and all employers are invited to post Guard-Friendly Jobs. All are welcome. No taxpayer funds have been or will be used to operate the PNGAS Jobs Board.

Attention Guard-Friendly Companies: Here is a code for a FREE 90-Day Test Drive: “Code90A” We encourage you to post jobs, review and select posted resumes. Please share feedback with us so we can make the site better.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to strengthen The Guard and this site, please email us at

A special thanks also to Bobby Rahal Automotive Group for their posting of multiple jobs for members and veterans of the Guard and the personal attention of their senior leaders to help Guard members get good jobs with free advanced training and certification programs.

We are showcasing apprenticeship programs offered through ABC Keystone. Get Paid While You Train: Learn More and Apply

PNGAS Entrepreneurs HELP DESK

The PNGAS BAC will be a prime resource for veteran-owned businesses. For members/veterans seeking information and funding to start a company or for established veteran-owned seeking resources to grow and expand their business or hire members/veterans the PNGAS BAC will assist, connect, and help member/veteran owned businesses. To get started

Directory of Guard/Guard-Veteran Owned Businesses

One of the best ways to support member/veteran-owned businesses is referrals. To learn more and/or get your business posted, contact

Directory of Discounts and Specials to Guard Members

Hundreds, if not thousands of companies offer discounts and specials to members of the military, PNGAS is collecting, publishing and promoting a growing list of companies and organizations that offer discounts and specials to members/veterans of the Guard and their families.

Legislative Agenda relating to Guard-Owned Businesses

The PNGAS BAC shall actively support the PNGAS Legislative Agenda supporting entrepreneurial initiatives for members/veterans and their families. As the Guard trains and gets deployed more frequently, it’s strategic for PNGAS to help facilitate more resources towards Guard-owned businesses. Accordingly, the BAC is reviewing several pieces of legislation that would leverage existing state economic development to help start and grow more businesses and organizations owned by members/veterans of the Guard.