The National Guard Association of Pennsylvania (NGAPA) is a state-chartered chapter of the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS). Dedicated to the Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers of the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, NGAPA is an esteemed organization shaped by the pillars of camaraderie, mentorship, and leadership.

Our mission at NGAPA is to actively serve as the vanguard of the National Guard's interest in Pennsylvania and on the national stage. We strive to champion your rights, push for the recognition you deserve, and tirelessly advocate for your needs in Congress. NGAPA gives voice to the concerns of our members, facilitating dialogues that shape national defense policy and promote the National Guard's role within it.

We understand that everyone's journey within the National Guard is unique, and therefore, offer three distinct membership plans to suit your professional needs.

  1. Annual Membership: This membership offers comprehensive benefits that are renewed annually. It's perfect for those seeking year-by-year engagement with NGAPA.
  2. Lifetime Membership: Make a one-time investment and enjoy lifetime benefits. Whether you're active or retired, our lifetime membership ensures you'll always be part of the NGAPA family, participating in our advocacy and leadership efforts.
  3. Associate Membership: We've extended our reach beyond the exclusive cadre of officers and warrant officers. This membership is designed for individuals who are not officers or warrant officers in the National Guard but want to be part of the mission - including civilians, family members, and enlisted personnel. For convenience, this membership also comes with an option for an annual renewal or lifetime membership.

Becoming a member of the NGAPA is more than just joining a professional organization. It's an opportunity to evolve in your career, develop mentoring relationships with senior leaders, and contribute to shaping the future of the National Guard. Our association offers a robust platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development that can expose you to new opportunities and elevate your leadership skills.

Join us today at NGAPA. Together, let's lead, advocate, and inspire a brighter, more secure future for the National Guard in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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