Guardsman To Guardsman Program (G2G)

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) and the State Family Program Office in conjunction with the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation provide grants for Pennsylvania National Guard members. The program is called the “Guardsman to Guardsman” or “G2G” program.

G2G offers a grant of up to $500 for Pennsylvania National Guard members and their families who show a qualifying need.

To apply for the program, simply, contact your Family Assistance Center or Airmen/Family Program Managers. The approval authority for all grants rests with the State Family Program Director.

The Pennsylvania National Guard Association (PNGAS) receives donations to support the program and maintains the funds until distribution. PNGAS administers the program. This program is funded through unsolicited donations from local companies and citizens.

How to Contribute

You can contribute to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) and G2G on the PNGF PayPal Donation Page.


G2G Program - a Soldier's perspective:

By Chad Rettew

The G2G grant, although relatively small in size (up to $500), can help many Guard members and families who are struggling in this economy.

It is sometimes hard for us to see the needs of others. To some, oil is always in the tank, our cars are new and in good running condition, our children have many options for meals, our homes are comfortable, and holidays are truly joyous. So many Soldiers and Airmen, who stand for the same thing we all do, have been struggling and will continue to struggle.

The G2G grant will be a small glimmer of hope for such personnel and their families. Perhaps it will provide heat on a cold winter day for a PFC and his children or perhaps it will get that water pump fixed for an Airman so she can get to work tomorrow and save her job. It could help feed a Solider and his family until work picks back up.

This small grant can change the lives of Guard members in a big way. I know this because I was once that young Guardsman. The transmission in my vehicle was blown and I had no other mode of transportation. I felt the stress and fear of losing my job and career. I didn’t have anyone to turn to or anyone that could help me. But then the AER (Army Emergency Relief) stepped in and provided me with a loan that helped get me back on track. Without that generous helping hand, circumstances might not have turned out so well and I could still be struggling.

On a professional side, this grant will provide Commanders with a means to help reduce some worry and burden that are on their soldiers. This can help these soldiers be more productive and successful in their jobs, which will in turn make the PA GUARD better as a whole.

All involved in donating funds and developing this grant program have done something amazing. You have created hope and promise for so many, and my wife and I thank you very much. You have taken a seemingly small idea and made it a promising reality.