Corporate Sponsorship

About Our Sponorship Program

The PNGAS Corporate Membership program is designed to sustain and develop partnerships between business, schools and non-profit organizations, our PNGAS Business Action Council (BAC), and the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard. These conversations help industry better serve the Guard while assisting PNGAS in defining and executing its legislative priorities.

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These endeavors aid PNGAS grassroots efforts to secure Governor, General Assembly and community support for urgently needed equipment, training tools and legislative funding. As a result of these partnerships many corporations, schools and non-profit organizations invest in Pennsylvania, create jobs and offer extraordinary opportunities for members and veterans of the Guard and their families.

While corporate members are non-voting PNGAS members, there are ample opportunities for corporations, schools and non-profit organizations to advise PNGAS on initiatives, innovations and ideas to support the Guard.

PNGAS delivers strong results; including its major supporting role in the enactment of:

  • A first-in-the-nation Military Family Education Program (MFEP), a new $40,000 tuition benefit for spouses and children of Guard members that re-enlist for a 2nd six-year enlistment
  • Enhancements to the $13.265 Million Education Assistance Program (EAP), a $40,000 tuition benefit for a members first 6-year enlistment
  • Multi-state reciprocity law for professional licenses
  • Pay equity for senior officers
  • $1 million funding for the Keystone Youth Challenge Academy
  • PNGAS Gifts4GuardKids program
  • PNGAS Guard-Friendly Schools designation
  • PNGAS Jobs Board, where we hope you consider posting job openings:

Corporate sponsorships are a major funding source for PNGAS and its charitable activities, professional development programs, scholarships, legislative initiatives, and ‘Guard the Guard’ efforts. Your valuable corporate investments in PNGAS not only demonstrate your thanks and appreciation for the service and duties our Pennsylvania National Guardsmen perform for our Commonwealth and nation, but also help bring together industry, military, political, and civilian leaders to share the vital role the Guard plays in our national defense, state preparedness, civil emergency, and local economies.

From our annual conference, to our new breakfast series for Business Development and Higher Education, there are many ways your organization can invest in PNGAS. PNGAS can help your business learn best practices for doing business with the National Guard, selling your products and services to members and retirees of the National Guard and their families, and hiring members and retirees of the National Guard and their families.

Our relationship agreements give your organization opportunities to market by and through PNGAS social media, website, newsletters and other marketing materials to interact with members of the Guard.