PNGF 2021 Year End Report

Tuesday, May 10th 2022


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Executive Summary 

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation supports the men and women of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families for mutual aid for them and their families, Professional Growth to support both their Guard and Civilian Careers, and recognition programs to memorialize their individual and Unit accomplishments. The PNGF works in concert with PNGAS to encourage veterans, students, college, and high school graduates to live, love, learn, work, and play in Pennsylvania. 

PNGF Supports the Force. 

In 2021 the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation supported multiple people and agencies 

PNGF issued G2G grants totalling $1500 

Awarded two $500 scholarships 

Donated $100 in Gifts for Guard Kids 

Placed $4000 towards Unit memorials 

PNGF Supports Mutual Aid 

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation supports the PA State Family Program Office through its support of Guard soldiers and their families. 

First, PNGF provides $500 grants awarded through the State Family Programs office for Guard members who show a qualifying need. The program is called the “Guardsman to Guardsman” or “G2G” program. 

Goal for 2022: Raise $1500 for G2G 

Second, the PNGF provides a monetary collection means to raise funds for the Baby Bundles program also through the PA State Family Programs office. The Baby bundles program provides diapers, baby food and related products to expectant or new parents who show a qualifying need 

Goal for 2022: Raise $300 for Baby Bundle Program 

To apply for either program, simply, contact your Family Assistance Center or Airmen/Family Program Managers. 

The PNGAS Gifts4GuardKids program collects and distributes gifts and gift-cards to children of Guard members. We kindly invite groups, families, clubs, non-profit organizations and companies to be collection sites to collect gifts and gift cards. 

Goal for 2022: Raise $300 for Gifts for Guard Kids 

PNGF Supports Professional Growth 

The PNGF Scholarship Committee Awards single year grants to Guard members currently enrolled in post secondary education. This covers College, trade schools and apprenticeship programs. Scholarships are meant to supplement other education incentives to help our Guard members help themselves. The benefits of this program are that a guardsman can remain in the service through steady civilian employment, and the education can benefit their career in the Guard. 

PNGF works with the PNGAS Education Action Council for Room benefits for Guard soldiers for College in a resident setting. 

PNGF supports a Professional Education Program talk or PEP Talk with our units. Guardsmen require periodic professional development and the PEP Talk program provides speakers and self paced education products to help make our Guard members better soldiers and airmen. 

Goal for 2022: Launch Program and set up first speakers 

PNGF also supports the Best Soldier Competition through the recognition program for trophies and cash awards. 

PNGF Memorializes our Soldiers and Units 

PNGF provides a 501 (c) 3 fund for unit memorials. In 2022, PNGF will resume a memorial Brick campaign and projects to support our Military museum. 

Marketing Strategy. 

PNGF conducts marketing internal and external to the PA National Guard. 

Internal marketing occurs at the State Family programs office, flyers produced with PNGAS for distribution to units, the PNGF Web Page, and the PEP Talk which promotes our programs during the professional development sessions. 

External Marketing occurs through the education offices throughout PNGAS Guard Friendly schools and the community college diversity offices through flyers produced in Conjunction with PNGAS. PNGF also seeks to partner with PNGAS in a few minutes of their National Strategy. 

Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation 2021 Year End Report 

Action Plan. 

April – Publish Cards with PNGAS covering the scholarship opportunities. Publish details of the G2G and Baby Bundles campaign 

June – Launch the Scholarship application window and provide speakers to units for the PEP talks 

October – Select scholarship recipients 

November – Award Scholarships and provide Year in review accomplishments of PNGF at the PNGAS conference 

We look forward to this exciting year of growth for the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation 

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