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Guard-Friendly High School Application Available

Monday, April 19th 2021

PNGAS Guard-Friendly High School

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Pennsylvania High Schools: 
The Pennsylvania National Guard needs to recruit more than 2,300 new soldiers and airmen every year to replace members that have retired or completed their enlistments.  
To aid recruitment, the Pennsylvania National Guard offers the highest tuition benefits in the nation, with more than $64,000 in state tuition benefits in addition to GI Bill benefits.  Recruiting bonuses can reach $20,000. 

With COVID more than ever, cooperative and flexible High Schools are critical to Guard and military recruiting.  

In response, Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) developed the standards and application for PNGAS Guard Friendly High Schools.
Thirty-one (31) high schools have been designated PNGAS Guard Friendly High Schools. Thank you!
To recognize high schools providing excellent access, optics, flexibility, and availability for military recruiters, and marketing materials of the Pennsylvania National Guard, all high schools are encouraged to apply to be recognized as PNGAS Guard-Friendly High Schools. PNGAS established a sliding scale against 20-baseline criteria to recognize High Schools that are creating a supportive and open environment for military recruiters and their marketing materials. There are no costs or fees for High Schools to apply and participate. 
DEADLINE: April 30, 2021

The Thirty-one (31) PNGAS Guard Friendly High Schools are listed here.
If you have questions or want the application in a different format, contact: