Announcement of Executive Director position

Sunday, March 20th 2022

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The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) announces that it is seeking proposals for a contractor to provide Executive Director services for itself and its component organizations, the National Guard Association of Pennsylvania (NGAPA), the Pennsylvania National Guard Enlisted Association (PNGEA) and Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF). PNGAS is seeking a dynamic and capable individual to provide contracted services as the organizations’ executive director.

OPENING DATE: 16 Mar 2022

• Contractor Qualifications
o Current or past membership in the Pennsylvania Army or Air National Guard is mandatory.
o The contractor must be a current dues-paying member of the NGAPA/PNGEA in either an active or retired membership status.
o Past experience as an active participant in the work of PNGAS is desirable.
o Knowledge of military administrative policy and procedures is required.
o Contractor must have had previous experience in the development of written and oral presentations on National Guard programs.
o Experience in the fields of Legislative Liaison and Public Relations is desirable.
o Experience at the executive/management level, where use of independent judgment was required, is desirable for this position.
o Contractor must be capable of effectively using modern word processing, fiscal management (spreadsheet) and presentation software to create and update effective correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, and computer-presentations.
o Contractor must be capable and comfortable functioning as a public speaker at PNGAS events.
• Duties and responsibilities. The contractor provides the following services to PNGAS:
o Provides services to accomplish all PNGAS, NGAPA, PNGEA and PNGF goals and complete activities. Services include fiscal, administrative, fund-raising public relations, legislative, planning and management consultation.
o Raises funds for PNGAS and its component organizations through the Corporate Membership Program and through attracting other donations.. The Contractor will be
expected to maintain and expand the current fund-raising efforts.

Bldg 9-109 | Fort Indiantown Gap | Annville, PA 17003-5002 717-865-9631 | FAX 717-861-5560
Executive Director Announcement November 2011
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o Monitors legislation in Washington and Harrisburg and provides periodic reports to PNGAS and the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Evaluates
legislation for its impact on the military forces and reports findings to the Executive Committee and general membership through PNGAS periodic publications. Initiates legislative proposals approved by the Executive Committee and general membership. Prepares correspondence to the Executive Departments, individuals and committees of the Congress and Pennsylvania General Assembly to express the views of the elected officials and general membership of PNGAS and its component associations.
o Serves as the PNGAS primary point of contact with the Congress and General Assembly to advocate the passage or defeat of legislation by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Congress of the United States. The incumbent must meet all the requirements of applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
o In coordination with the Chairmen, maintains contact with The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania and the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs staff on the full-range of matters relating to the operation and mission objectives of the Pennsylvania National Guard.
o Is responsible for providing input on PNGAS publications.
o Prepares narratives, editorials and specialized reports for the PNGAS Report, PNGAS Updater and the Yearbook publications. Assists the publications staff as necessary to ensure the publication dates are met.
o Responsible for scheduling, notification, preparation of the business agenda and all logistics for the regularly scheduled meetings of the PNGAS Board of Directors and committees. Assists the Secretaries in the printing and distribution of meeting minutes.
o Coordinates the PNGAS Annual Conference with the appointed chair and coordinators. Prepares draft and final conference agendas for approval of the Executive Committee.
o Provides assistance to the Treasurer and guidance in the preparation of the PNGAS budgets and accounting records.
o Manages the collection of membership information and dues. Maintains current and accurate mailing lists. Monitors rosters of PNGAS officers, standing and
special committees, and the Executive Committee. Prepares Letters of Appointment and Termination Letters.
o Serves as the Delegation Secretary for the annual NGAUS and EANGUS General Conferences. In this capacity, coordinates the selection of delegates, transportation requirements and dissemination of information about conference activities with The Adjutant General, the general’s staff, and members of PNGAS. Coordinates the functioning of the Associations’ reception facility at the

Executive Director Announcement November 2011
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conference sites.

o Monitors and advises on the activities and programs of other State National Guard Associations.

o Attends meetings with other associations, NGAUS, EANGUS and the National Guard Executive Directors Association.

o Maintains the Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Conference-approved Resolutions and all other documents necessary for the maintenance of a full set of documentation and historical records of the PNGAS activities and programs.

o Serves as primary overseer and coordinator of additional contractors.

• Office and Equipment
o The contractor is generally responsible for providing his or her own office space. equipment and work environment.
o An office will be provided at the PNGAS headquarters at no cost to the contractor, but the contractor is not required to provide services from this location.
o PNGAS will support the contractor’s office space and communications requirements by paying an office fee of an agreed-upon amount or by providing for the contractor to use equipment and services provided by PNGAS to include:
• A laptop computer of agreed-upon design.
• Internet access and email.
• Smartphone. The contractor will provide a smartphone (Iphone, Android or Blackberry) with nationwide call coverage. The Associations shall reimburse the cost of the phone service either as monthly reimbursement or as part of the office/equipment fee described above..
• Contract Fee.
o The Associations shall pay the Contractor a fee of $36,000 per year in equal monthly installments as the base contract fee. The payment of the full annual fee will begin 1 Jan 2023.
o Beginning 1 Jan 2025, the Associations may provide annual bonus payments or increased fees to the Contractor as negotiated at that time,

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• Term:

o The contract shall commence on a date mutually agreed upon by the Contractor and the Associations.

• Expenses:
o The contractor will be reimbursed for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of PNGAS. The PNGAS Executive Committee will regulate the amount of these expenditures. Travel expenses on behalf of the association will be reimbursed. Exeception: Travel to and from the contractor’s home address and Fort Indiantown Gap is not reimbursable unless specifically approved by the Chairman on a case-by-case basis.
o A form, similar to DD Form 1351-2, will be used to document reimbursements.
Reimbursements will be in accordance with current US Government Per Diem rates and travel expenses as outlined in the US Government Joint Travel Regulation, or as approved by the Chairman or Executive Committee.
• Merit Selection:
o PNGAS will select the contractor to provide Executive Director services without regard to race, sex, age, religion, marital status, national origin, political
affiliation, rank or grade or any other non-merit factor.
• Application Process
o Applications must be received by no later than close of business on Thursday, 31 Mar 2022.
o Persons interested in being considered as a contractor to provide Executive Director services to the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) and its component organizations shall submit a proposal containing a resume, a statement of their qualifications and capabilities and a description of how the Contractor plans to accomplish the fund-raising goals in writing to:
Ronda Fawber c/o PNGAS
Bldg 9-109 (Biddle Hall) Fort Indiantown Gap Annville, PA 17003-5002