PNG Service Member & Family Support Division (SMFS)

PNGAS is proud to partner with SMFS to extend the reach of their messaging to PNGAS Members, Families, and Veterans. This strategic partnership further empowers PNGAS by supporting our mission to help ensure the Pennsylvania National Guard is fully funded, manned, equipped, and trained to perform their federal and state missions and that members and veterans have the benefits they have earned.

The mission of the PNG Service Member and Family Support Division is to orchestrate the delivery of entitlements and benefits, educate customers on resources available, promote services to mitigate stress and provide Family support in order to increase personnel readiness.

Recent Messages

  • SMFS Newsletter & MRT Challenge

    State Family Programs

    Attached is the third edition of the Service Member Family Support Newsletter. Also attached is our daily #PNGMRTChallenge!

    Stay home, stay healthy, and be well!!

  • CHILD & YOUTH- Beyond Learning List, MRT Challenge Day 3, & Stay at Home Care Package

    State Family Programs

    We are so GRATEFUL to have Lauren & Rachel as our PA PNG Child & Youth Program Coordinators!  They have been sharing a TON of information to ensure that OUR National Guard kids have fun things to do! Thank you Lauren & Rachel- we appreciate you!)

    Attached is The Beyond Learning List-
    In it, you will find a wide variety of links to TONS of activities with FREE and FUN learning options for ALL ages starting from toddlers to AP students and even to adults. 
    **NOTE: Some links are always free and some are only free during this current situation.

    Today's MRT challenge is to Illustrate Your Thoughts about what is happening in the world right now! You Can use paper and crayons, markers, or colored pencils, or you could even make a collage with things you cut out of magazines, or you could color outside with sidewalk chalk!

    Also attached is  a "Stay at Home Care Package" for you and your family! You will find various indoor activities help keep your kiddos busy this weekend!

    Have a happy and safe weekend! Your Service Member Family Support staff are here for you!