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Thursday, June 11th 2020

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  • Employers are encouraged to apply to be recognized as a PNGAS Guard-Friendly Employer.
  • Applications are due July 3rd, 2021 to be recognized as “founding member Employers”

Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (“PNGAS”) and its PNGAS Business Action Council (“EAC”), chaired by Brigadier General (Retired) Wilbur E. Wolf, III, are pleased to release the first-ever application for the PNGAS Guard-Friendly Employer designation. For several years, PNGAS has been promoting the best practices used by colleges, universities, trade schools and certification programs to attract and retain members and veterans of the Guard in their degree and certification programs. The collection of these best practices led to a consensus decision to create a logo and designation called, “PNGAS Guard-Friendly Schools.” For designated schools, the certification serves as a beacon and star-rating that promotes the institution to members and veterans of the Guard, their spouses and families, as well as to state leaders, high school and college counselors, citizens and prospective recruits of the Guard. To date, 30 schools have been designated PNGAS Guard Friendly Schools.

There are no costs or fees for employers to apply and participate. The link to the application is

Employers earning the designation PNGAS Guard-Friendly Employer will be announced in August 2020, and officially recognized at the 2021 PNGAS Annual Conference, November 5-6, 2021 at the Lancaster Convention Center.

Throughout the year, PNGAS will recognize and promote PNGAS Guard-Friendly Employers and their best practices to raise awareness of the challenges faced by members of the Guard and their families as well as the extraordinary efforts many employers make on behalf of the Guard, its members, and the Commonwealth.

Upon receipt of each employer’s application, the Executive Director shall review the application for completeness. Every complete application shall be reviewed. A favorable application shall be forwarded to the PNGAS Board of Directors with a recommendation for approval. If an application is not favorable, the PNGAS BAC will send a letter stating the situations requiring improvement. An Employer can remedy the findings and resubmit an updated application within thirty (30) days for a timely 2nd review.

“We are very excited to release the application for PNGAS Guard Friendly Employers,” stated Kathleen Fabrizi, Executive Director, PNGAS. “Our PNGAS BAC Chairman, Wilbur E. Wolf, III, Brigadier General (Retired), US Army and many business leaders helped us develop a strong application to bring together the best practices used by Employers that hire members and veterans of the Guard and their families. Thank you! We hope to recognize as many Employers as possible with PNGAS Guard-Friendly Employer designation.”

The initial submission deadline is July 3rd, 2020. The application:

If you have questions or want the application in a different format, contact: