Support The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation Through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Through Code 85752

What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?  President Kennedy established the CFC to streamline charitable giving by federal employees. Today, the federal government facilitates a CFC solicitation period for up to two months of the year. This is also a benefit for federal employees so they can support a worthy charity of their choice, by convenient pay allotments run automatically through payroll.   

How do I contribute to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation?  It’s easy. Visit and insert code #85752 to select the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation in the Eastern Pennsylvania/Southern New Jersey CFC Zone.  You can also choose an allotment by consulting your payroll office: the allotment must run for a year (so EAS/separation must be beyond Jan-Dec 2021); but NAF(MCCS)/Gov’t Service (Federal Employees)/Active Duty Military can donate. 

Who can give?   ANYONE can give a cash/check donation to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF).  Federal employees can donate through the CFC. Contractors should not be solicited, but may make a cash or check donation through the CFC or directly to the Foundation.

Why is PNGAS pushing this?  First the first-time ever, federal employees can contribute to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation through the CFC with code #85752!   

What if we have questions? No problem, please contact PNGAS at

Is my donation tax deductible? Absolutely; all charities in the CFC are tax deductible. If you “itemize” your deductions when you do your taxes, just save a copy of your pledge card and claim it.

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Donate through the United Way:

What does the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation do with collected funds?  The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) raises funds to support the Guard 2 Guard program designed to help Guard members in need; as well as tuition scholarships to deserving Guard members.  The Foundation also supports the Gift4GuardKids program which collects and gives gifts, and gift cards to children of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard.  

What if I gave to another charity through the CFC last year? That’s fine, and thank you! CFC allotments only run for one year; from January to December. Every year, you can sign up to support the charity of your choice.  This year for the first time, you can give to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation through CFC, using code #85752. 

Who governs the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?   The CFC is regulated by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at the federal level, with delegated execution to each local region. The website is

What if I have other questions?  No problem, please contact


The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) and the State Family Program Office in conjunction with the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation provide grants for Pennsylvania National Guard members. The program is called the “Guardsman to Guardsman” or “G2G” program. G2G offers a grant of up to $500 for Pennsylvania National Guard members and their families who show a qualifying need. To apply for the program, simply, contact your Family Assistance Center or Airmen/Family Program Managers.
You can contribute to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) contacting your payroll office, or visiting, or you can send a check a check to: PNG Foundation, c/o Biddle Hall, Building 1-109, Fort Indiantown Ga, Annville, PA 17003-5002.


The PNGAS Gifts4GuardKids program collects and distributes gifts and gift-cards to children of Guard members. We kindly invite groups, families, clubs, non-profit organizations and companies to be collection sites to collect gifts and gift cards. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, c/o Biddle Hall, Building 9-109, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003. The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and 100% of contributions shall be used to purchase gifts, gift-cards, and delivery expenses. As per privacy laws & security, at no time will the identity of a parent or child be shared.

To participate or learn more, contact

Tuition Scholarships

Every year, the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation (PNGF) awards as many as fifteen (15) tuition scholarships to deserving members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. To apply contact:

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